Rashmi has been a founder of two startups: the first – Knovigate Solutions, a Marketing Analytics firm that got acquired in 18 months and the second – Little Green Kid, a socially and environmentally conscious eCommerce venture which is now a published Harvard Business Case study under the category ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’. In between the two startups, Rashmi worked as VP-Head of Product Strategy and Marketing – India, for a UK based company based on hydrogen fuel cell technology. She was responsible for India’s first hydrogen fuel cell based backup power product. Analysing real time data she authored a Whitepaper called ‘The True Cost of Running a Telecom Tower’ challenging the telecom industry and creating a new benchmark for clean energy investments, which got her an invite to the Prime Minister’s address and a seat at the India Energy 2047. Rashmi is an INSEAD MBA alum and prior to INSEAD has 9 years of experience in engineering large scale enterprise software solutions based on the Unix file systems. Rashmi moved to Luxembourg in early 2018 and worked for a brief period as Head of Data Strategy for Allianz, Benelux. At present Rashmi is an advisor for various startups across the globe in the scale up phase where Rashmi advocates to build a customer centric data strategy for growth involving data analysis and insight building. Rashmi is also keen on promoting women’s entrepreneurship and pro-bono runs the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries – Luxembourg chapter as its President.

Rashmi Vittal

Mehreen is Data scientist with experience in machine learning, and statistics. She has a masters degree in Data Mining and Knowledge management with specialization in semantic web. She is good in communication and visualization skills. Passionate about representing analytical models and their accompanying statistics and results in user-friendly way, by communicating the right amount of information to business users, without losing context into complex details to better understand the characteristics and behavior in their data.

Mehreen Ikram​

Dr. Emilia Tantar is a researcher, TedX speaker, Chief Data and AI Officer at Black Swan LUX, spin-off of the University of Luxembourg, she co-founded in 2015.  She previously held Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer position at INCERT (public agency in Luxembourg) and led the Artificial Intelligence (AI) efforts of PwC Luxembourg. Emilia is member of the European Observatory of ICT Standardization WG on AI, European Commission Digital SME Focus Group on AI,  and has over 15 years experience delivering AI to the business market as researcher and strategic consultant. She has edited 7 volumes in Springer and has authored more than 20 journal papers and scientific articles. Emilia is also a Luxembourg national delegate on the standardization of AI in CEN CENELEC JTC 21 and Focus Group on AI, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 42 and expert evaluator for the European Commission since several years.

Emilia Tantar

With a background of statistician, Pauline started her career with customer data analysis and then gradually built an expertise in the field of artificial intelligence targeting the insurance sector. 2 years ago, Pauline joined AXA Luxembourg as Chief Data officer and is in charge of the data transformation in the entity. She describes herself as a data lover, she often says : “I love manipulating data, leveraging value from data, making data awareness, finding data opportunities.”

Pauline Bouard


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